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In a world rapidly embracing digital solutions, commercial real estate remains a sector where antiquated practices prevail. Various factors contribute to this resistance to change, from demographic tendencies to ingrained industry habits. OpenCRE isn't just challenging the status quo; we're reinventing it. Our mission transcends identifying the shortcomings of current practices; we're focused on creating an open, accessible, and superior solution for everyone involved in commercial real estate.

“Commercial real estate has always been extremely segmented and siloed, leading to significant inefficiencies and unnecessary costs and delays. Our job is to streamline the transaction process and improve the experience of all parties involved.”

Stephanie Goodman

Tired of the old-school, opaque world of commercial real estate? OpenCRE is here to redefine the game with a transparent, high-speed online auction platform powered by data and driven by you.

  • Buy or sell in minutes, not months.Skip endless phone calls, tedious showings, and slow-moving negotiations. Our platform lets you view detailed property information, virtual 3D tours, and verified due diligence documents instantly.
  • Unmatched transparency. No more wondering if you're getting the full story. Securely access all property data, from financials to tenant leases, and make informed decisions based on facts, not whispers.
  • Land killer deals with dynamic online bidding. We have developed algorithms using over 100,000 transactions to ensure that our pricing is on point. The system has been designed for maximum speed and transaction volume.
  • Sell globally, effortlessly.Ditch the dusty Rolodex and say goodbye to cold calls. We'll showcase your property to a hungry international audience, maximizing your chances of a fast, lucrative sale. Go beyond local buyers; people simply no longer buy properties because of a sign they noticed while driving by at 50 mph drive and desperately squinting to get a telephone number. Our global reach connects you with a world of investors, driving competition and unlocking the true market value of your property.
  • The thrill of the auction, at your fingertips. Receive real-time bidding updates, see your property come alive, and experience the excitement of competition as offers fly in.

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More Than A Platform

It's A Paradigm Shift

Safety and security: State-of-the-art encryption and secure cloud technology protect your data and your peace of mind.

Reliability and trust: Transparent processes and verified information ensure a seamless and trustworthy experience for everyone.

Fun and excitement: Buying and selling commercial real estate shouldn't be a chore. We're bringing the thrill of the auction and the satisfaction of smart deals to the digital age.

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